July 6, 2015

My Mind is on Love!

Hello, my friends! The last post was more on the serious side, but it is definitely good to be serious or political every now and then. We each have our own, individual thoughts. If we don't express what we think, then what's the point of it all?

Anyway, just thinking about all the things that are going on in my life, and thinking about the hashtag (#LoveWins) that has been exploding on the Internet about the legalization of gay marriage--my mind has been on love. Romantic love.

I haven't really written a whole lot on what I think of romance yet, have I guys? It's kind of weird, especially since I think that it is such a big part of our culture. How many of us grew up watching movies about falling in love? How many of us see getting married as part of our happily ever after? Despite all of this, I think that love is also something that's very misunderstood in our society. It is so complex, so thrilling.

You guys, it's time.

Time to do a series on love!

What are some must-speak-of topics that you have in mind? Would like to write a guest post on this topic to share your thoughts and story? Please leave a comment or email me at smilesnomatter@gmail.com!

Smile on :)


  1. I have written a couple of posts about love on my own blog and I would be happy to share them with you and your readers if you would like. I could put the links in a comment if you would like or you can just repost them. Let me know if you are interested and how you want to work it.

    1. Hey Smylinggirl! I am looking more for original content as far as guest posting goes, but I would love to check out your posts and refer some people to them if I find them to be really cool or fresh from my perspective! Thank you so much for offering :)

  2. I think when it comes to must-speak topics for love, the very first one that comes to my mind is what is love for you? You could do like a small project thing where you ask as many people as you can, what is love for them and then write a post compiling all the answers. I once read a post like this before, that's how I came up with this idea.
    I would sure love to write a guest post on love. It's something I believe in wholeheartedly and not necessarily just the romance aspect of love, but the real emotional and unconditional aspect of it.

    It's really nice of you to start a series on Love, the best feeling of all.

    Love xo

    1. Thank you! I am excited and hope it will do well. I'd love to work with you if you want to write a bit on the emotional and unconditional aspect of it! This series is focusing specifically on dating/marriage type of love (just to clarify that it's not about like brotherly love). I look forward to collaborating with you on a post!

    2. Yeah, you can shoot me an email at saeepatkar@gmail.com anytime. I'd love to work with you too. <3

  3. Awesome!! I sent you an email already and am really excited!! :)

  4. Hey there,

    Great blog. If you need more love topics to write about, try this one. Does love at first sight really exist?


    1. Thank you, Kyle! I will have to think about this idea because I don't really have a strong opinion about it! We shall see if I can come up with a quality post after allowing it to marinate for a while. :)


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