May 13, 2014

Tab for a Cause

Good evening, world! How was your day today? Did you see my reflection on this past school year? What'd you think of it?

Well, I realize that I don't promote a lot of things on this blog, but I discovered something new that I wanted to share with you, called Tab for a Cause. I'm all for appreciating all the little things and doing small acts of kindness. If you save enough pennies, it can amount to a lot in the end, right?

Well, this "app" is one way to start accumulating pennies. Basically, every time you open up a new tab, there are some ads for non-profit organizations and charities that come on display--the money goes to the causes that these organizations and charities stand for.

This is an example of what the tabs look like from my desktop:

Click on the image for a better view. Sorry it's so tiny!
I've been using Tab for a Cause for about a month now and I can honestly say that it hasn't inconvenienced me in any way--the ads are actually pretty nice to look at. (It is run by Google Chrome, so it is trustworthy.) And since it's for helping our world in a huge variety of ways, why not?

If you're interested in Tab for a Cause, please follow this link to be directed to their website and decide if you would like to start making a difference at absolutely no cost! (Furthermore, if you have any suggestions for partners for this website, there is a way to contact them on their website.)

As long as we each do our bit, it will amount to a lot!

Smile on,
-Riley XO

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