February 18, 2014

Take Flight

Hello hello! Do you ever follow any of those Earth Porn, World Porn, or Food Porn sites on Facebook? Well, I think that Earth Porn is the best type of porn there is, and hopefully one day it will be the only type of "porn" that anyone looks at! I just love scrolling through my feed and seeing pictures like this to start or end my day:

Crater Lake
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It is wonderful seeing all of the beauty that surrounds us in this world.

Yesterday morning, I saw this image from a World Porn page and it sort of made me stop a bit and think for a moment, so it became something I wanted to share with you.

It personally made me think specifically about what goals I've set in place--where I want to go in life. We truly have everything that we need to chase and achieve our dreams, even more so with technology. One of my dreams is to hopefully help brighten someone's day, or inspire another person, and look, this blog has allowed me to do so right now (you're reading this, aren't you?). 

Don't just have dreams. Don't just use your wings to get up a tree--use your dreams to fly to great places! 

Set a new goal for yourself today, or refresh your resolve to continue pursuing a goal that you've already made. Write down the steps you're planning to take to reach that goal. 

Where do you plan to fly? Please share in the comments!

Fly high and do great things,
-Riley XO


  1. I forgot to write down my own goals for this month! I am still working to make lots of hats, make videos, and write weekly posts, but a main goal I'm focusing on right now is training for taekwondo nationals that are coming up soon! That's it for me :)

  2. After an year of questioning who I am, what am I doing with my life and why, I have gathered enough courage to let my dreams fly. I'll be doing what I love and chase my passions. Currently, the list is something like this:
    1. Blogging
    2. Freelance Writing
    3. Starting up with basic Robotics.
    4. Learning how to program.
    5. Trying to develop apps.
    (It looks too nerdy but I will try it all because I find it interesting)

    I liked your blog a lot, keep up with the good work! :)

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Rushabh! I think that those are some great goals to focus on. I also saw your blog and think that you're off to a great start! Good luck! :)

  3. Interesting topics on your blog! I have 3 goals which are being commited to photography & blogger, get good grades in school, achieve more than I did last year! I'm officially your 26th follower, do check out my blog if you have time.


    1. Thank you so much Rebecca! Good luck chasing your dreams and I hope you achieve everything you set your heart on!


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