October 1, 2013

Finding the Good In Every Day

Hello there! How has your week been? Personally, my week had its ups and downs, but that's how life goes, isn't it?

On the rocky days, it's easy to let it get you down, but if you look out for the good, it gets brighter. I went to an Enneigram workshop last week, and the presenter brought up this concept that organized a common saying in a really swell way:
  1. There are things you can't control.
  2. There are things you can influence.
  3. There are things you can control.
She then flipped to the next slide.
  1. You cannot control others.
  2. You can influence situations.
  3. The only thing you can really control is yourself.
(On a side-note, if you don't know your Enneigram, there will be more to come in the future...)

Just think about it for a bit. 

What will you make out of your situation and life today?

Take care,
-Riley XO

This post was fairly brief because there are some big midterms looming ahead of me that I really need to focus on. There is a lot of studying to be done! I'll be doing something slightly different this week since I know many of you guys who read this blog are also students whose work loads are also picking up. I'll be making short posts like this one, but twice a week instead of once a week for the next two or three weeks. Please subscribe for that little bit of stress relief during an intense period of time this semester! And good luck with school, work, and everything you set out to accomplish!

Smile on.


  1. This is extremely encouraging. Thank you for posting!

  2. You're welcome Enoma, it really helped me to make these realizations to get through my week too :)

  3. Hello, I totaly agree with all that you've said, we totally should all remmeber to find the good and not dwell so much on the negative. I just wanted to say that I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!! :) Here's the link to find out all the information you need!

  4. Thank you so much for the nomination Alexandra! :kitten

  5. I really like the topic.. very enlightening & helpful :)


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