July 7, 2013

How To Love Yourself

Hello, hope you are having a marvelous Sunday! This post consists of a couple things I found online for when you're just feeling down--little reminders that you should trust and love yourself.
Without any ado, here are some ways you can learn to love yourself, brought to you by Tumblr:
The "mirror work" one amuses me because it's hard for me to imagine myself looking at a mirror and talking to myself one-on-one, but whatever works for you right?

...Moving on...

I've been thinking a little bit about the concept of "self" lately, and it seems like Jenna Marbles's video came out at just the right time:

Watching this was inspiring and encouraging for me, and part of it is from her honest and frank tone. (On a side note, I'm Riley, and I'm addicted to Jenna's videos.)

I do agree that people find out a lot about themselves while they're going through difficult times. When things are great, it's easy to be happy and go with the flow. But while fighting "the current," your attitude and reactions give a powerful message of who you are.

Hope this little mash-up of the outline and video worked out well and got you thinking a bit about yourself. What makes you tick?

I'm also wondering: How do you get through the rough times? How much do you think you have grown because of those trials? Please share in the comments!

-Riley XO


  1. This is a really lovely post, thankyou so much. I'm going to save this for future reference :) Jasmine xo

    Jasmine @ rabbit-wood.blogspot.com

  2. Aw, Jasmine, you are so sweet! Thank you so much for the comment and follow; I'll be sure to check out your blog sometime soon as well. When times are bad, looking at the positives is necessary, so this post just had a little bit of tips from other sources on helping the healing process along. ^_^


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